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Find the perfect ring size. 

Whether you need to buy a ring for yourself or someone else it is important it fits perfectly. 

First a few tips when you need to find the right ring size

Warm fingers are often slightly swollen. Cold fingers are often thinner than normal. Measure your fingers when they are at normal temperature.
Pregnant women often have swollen fingers, even without it really being noticed.

Method A - measure your finger

Take a piece of string (for example, a gift ribbon that is wide and flat) and wrap it around your finger so that it fits. Mark the start and end of the string / ribbon so you have a full turn.

Stretch the string / ribbon and measure with a ruler.
This measure is your ring size, that is, if your finger measured 54 mm, the ring size is 54.

Method B - Measure an existing ring

Take a ruler or caliper and measure the inside diameter in mm. Remember to be very accurate. This number must be multiplied by PI (3.1) to find the ring size.

Look in the table here and find the correct size of ring

Ø 15.92 mm - Size EU 50
 Ø 16.23 mm - Size EU 51
 Ø 16.55 mm - Size EU 52
 Ø 16.87 mm - Size EU 53
 Ø 17.19 mm - Size EU 54
 Ø 17.51 mm - Size EU 55
 Ø 17.83 mm - Size EU 56
 Ø 18.14 mm - Size EU 57
 Ø 18.46 mm - Size EU 58
 Ø 18.78 mm - Size EU 59
 Ø 19.10 mm - Size EU 60
 Ø 9.42 mm - Size EU 61
 Ø 19.74 mm - Size EU 62

What do I do if the above method does not work?

You are always welcome to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page. You can also write directly to or call +45 22 171 171. We strive to answer emails within 6 hours on weekdays.