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Gold earrings #41

Sale price15.500,00 kr

Earrings in 24k and 18k gold with blue sapphires. 8 pcs 0.01ct top w/vvs diamonds.

Front from top to bottom measures 1,7 cm.
Chain and wire length at the back measures 7 cm.

Handmade luxury jewellery

Since 1994, Danish goldsmith Louise Grønlykke has been creating jewellery using only the highest quality precious materials. Louise Grønlykke has a signature style, which her handmade luxury collections are true examples of.

Exquisite design with a combination of raw and the ultra feminine makes her jewelry unique. The designs are inspired by Japan and the Middle East with their rich and delicate patterns and refined craftsmanship. Favorite materials are 18k and 24k gold, combined with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and pearls.